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When Does Your Audition Actually Begin?

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I advise treating your audition as you would training for a sporting event like a race or a match. You want to be rested, well-fed, and in the best condition possible for your audition. You know your body, mind, and spirit the best so make good decisions.  If postponing the night on the town and having a night or two of longer rest is going to make you more alert and awake for your audition, then make that choice. If you know you can handle a late night and some alcohol and be absolutely fine for your audition, great.  I’m not here to legislate or judge your decisions, I only ask that you are MINDFUL and make conscious choices.

Meditate and visualize before your audition; take some time a few days and/or a few hours before your audition and breathe. Once you are relaxed, imagine yourself walking in the door with confidence. See yourself ‘clicking in’ to the character and being ready for anything that comes your way.  For example, waiting longer than expected, being interrupted by the casting director, being asked to read a different role…whatever happens, you are centered and nothing can stop you!

Eat well before your audition; eat a good breakfast which includes protein, be aware of your sugar intake, don’t be too caffeinated if you know it will make you jittery. Here is my favorite power breakfast; eggs scrambled with greens (any pre-packaged greens in the market) and some organic sausage or turkey and green tea.

When you walk in (my) door, your attitude is key. If you are feeling nervous or arrogant or tired or angry, my staff and I will feel it and it will register. If you are rude to the receptionist or to the assistant, it will affect not only your reading but – all things being equal – if it’s down to you and one other actor for the role, we will choose the actor who was relaxed and agile, calm and easy to work with.

By Joanna Colbert

From The Cast It Talent

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