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Get that On Camera Glow on a Shoestring Budget

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It’s a fickle, shallow world we live in, and you and I have chosen to spend our lives pursuing one of the ficklest and shallowest professions. Which shows excellent judgment and not even a smidge of insecurity all around. Ahem.

Feeding the beast can seem like a Sisyphean task that eats up your time, budget and soul. But! It doesn’t have to be this way. Don’t have the money to fork over for Clooney-esque pearly whites? Can’t travel back in time to start working out and maintaining a skincare routine? Not to worry. Here are some cheap and easy cheats to help you look fresh camera ready in a hurry.

Hydrate. I know you’ve heard it a million times. But one of the cheapest and easiest ways to look fresher, younger and healthier all around it to hydrate properly. You’ll start seeing a difference within a week. Try to cut back on dehydrating beverages like soda, coffee and alcohol. Don’t go crazy and make yourself sick, but increasing your water intake significantly can up your game.

Sleep. This one is tough, especially on an actor’s schedule. If you absolutely cannot get a consistent eight hours, try to squeeze naps into your daily schedule. 20-40 minutes can help rejuvenate your look. Fatigue ages you on camera, so consistently getting that rested glow can help shave a couple years off.

Skincare. If you don’t have a routine, it’s time to start. Skin care is essential for on camera actors. But choosing products can get overwhelming and expensive in a hurry. Try starting with the simple stuff. Weekly exfoliation and daily moisturizer with sun protection can do wonders. (Gentlemen too! Good skincare defies outdated gender norms). Learn about your specific skin. Are you generally oily? Dry? Combination? Cater your routine to your needs. If you’re at a loss, duck into a department store where they specialize in skincare products and get some advice. You don’t have to invest in topshelf products. Just get a feel for your needs and find the drugstore or wholistic equivalents. If you’re in a hurry, pick up a facemask at CVS that will do for a quick skin rejuvenation. Just make sure to do it several days out as opposed to the night before a shoot, to give your skin time to bring up impurities, cleanse, and normalize.

Teeth. Professional bleaching is great if you can afford it, but drugstore whitening strips are cheaper and will take care of basic staining. Little touches like this can really help you shine on camera.

Hair. Don’t neglect your hair! Dry, disheveled hair is one thing when you’re auditioning for a prison inmate, but for leads, young professionals, etc., you’ll want that A-list look. If you can’t get a blowout or buy fancy conditioner, have a friend who’s good with hair help you out before filming. Do some homemade hair masks between times to keep your hair healthy and happy for when it counts. (Coconut oil can work wonders, and a little goes a very long way).

Clothes. Details make a difference. You don’t need designer brands or a personal tailor to look polished. Make sure the clothes you wear when filming auditions fit well, showcase your body, are free of wrinkles and stains, are appropriate for the specific audition. If you have a last minute audition for a lawyer role and have to borrow a blazer that’s a bit big, use pins or binder clips to create the illusion of a fitted garment.

Don’t make perfect the enemy of the good. The internet is full of DIY resources to help you get camera ready in a hurry. And of course the biggest tip to looking great on camera is to relax, trust your training and the text, and let yourself shine.

By Rachel

From The Cast It Talent

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